About us

Gastro Doctor India is a leading online provider of gastroenterology information, applications, and services for patients, doctors, healthcare professionals in all over India.

Gastro Doctor India currently ranks #1 in India / USA in terms of search engine ranking(Google, Bing, Yandex)traffic in the gastroenterology category and among the top health & medical websites in the world.

Gastro Doctor India’s content is viewed by over 1.2 million visitors each month from over 80 countries. Gastro Doctor India offers almost 3 million pages of trusted health and wellness information including gastroenterology health listing, articles, animations, doctors profiles, slides, infographics, top 10 list blogs, videos, health directories, drug information, treatment post, calculators, personalized health record, interactive tools, and much more.


Gastro Doctor India’s mission is to empower users, doctors/surgeons and gastroenterology healthcare professionals globally with authentic, accurate, timely and personalized health information and provide them tools to allow for better gastro management of health, provide better care to patients, and lead healthier lives in India.


Gastro Doctor India is an Indian gastroenterology directory and portal, built to provide a gateway to the health industry. Our vision is to include information about every gastroenterology industry participant in India.

Gastro Doctor India connects gastro doctors and gastroenterology hospitals with potential patients/clients. It features a directory of gastro specialists in India. gastroenterology professionals can communicate detailed information about their qualifications and special interest, enabling users to search for these.

User Benefits

Empowers consumers to have a bigger role in managing their gastro problems.
Potential saving of time and money.
gastroenterology Health industry-specific content – reduces information overload.
Search options match user needs – users can search a gastro category by name, keywords, postcode, postcode radius, and cities.
Easy navigation – users can access gastroenterology doctors & hospitals information organized under meaningful categories.

Advertiser Advantages

  • Targeted users communication – Advertisers can reach specific audiences.
  • Search engine optimization exposure – Gastroenterology directory content is positioned to attract relevant users rather than random hits.
  • Free and paid advertising options – affordable advertising without barriers to participation.
  • Channeling traffic to the advertiser’s website – a link is included in all advertising options.
  • Advertiser self-service access keeps the information up-to-date – advertisers can edit online any time in line with their changing marketing needs, campaigns, and special offers.
  • Power to attract more visitors to advertiser listings and websites as a result of:
    • Improve search engine ranking
    • fully indexed long copies
    • Strong branding
    • Unrestricted page design
    • Reputation Management
    • Listings of multiple local searchable addresses, enabling users to find the nearest outlet/clinic to them.