ARMS (Anti reflux mucosectomy) by endoscopy

ARMS is endoscopic procedure which does not include any incision over abdomen wall, It is a day care procedure in which the doctor resectes at the foodpipe and stomach by endoscopy. This procedure provides good results for those who are suffering from heartburn and reflux disease, not responding to medicines.


For those who are suffering from heartburn and reflux ; in this endoscopic procedure , your doctor tightens the lower esophageal valve by endoscopic clipping. GERDX endoscopic procedure does not require any incision over abdomen wall.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

This procedure is for those obese patients who want to lose weight but do not want a surgery. Patients gets discharge on same day . This is an endoscopic method which does not require any incision, it reduces by placing simple sutures. Patient may loss 20 per cent of total body weight after the procedure.

Endoscopic balloon placement

In this procedure , a balloon is placed through Endoscopy. It is inflated by 500 ml water, it has to be placed in stomach for a year and helps to reduce by 20 percent of total weight.

For the diagnosis & treatment of various GI problems, Endoscopy may be beneficial to check and treat the Gastro problems and obesity, for any Gastrointestinal problem , you may consult to Dr Gautam Tamboliya, he is one of the top Gastroenterologists in Ahmedabad and experienced with Gastro matters.

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