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Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) is a procedure which includes upper gastrointestinal (GI Endoscopy) and x-rays to treat bile and pancreatic ducts.

Need of ERCP

ERCP is used by doctors to treat problems of biles and pancreatic ducts. Doctors use ERCP to treat diagnose problem of bile and pancreatic ducts if they expect to treat problems during the procedure. It is a diagnostic procedure to analyze the Duodenum, the papilla of vater, gall bladder, pancreatic ducts (PD) and common bile ducts (CBD). An Endoscopist, can examine inside of stomach and duodenum and inject a contrast medium into the ducts to get clear visuals on radiographs. ERCP used to treat various problem as removal of foreign body, bile duct stones, treatment of benign and Malignant biliary stent stricture leading to obstructive jaundice.

When ERCP take place

Your doctor may suggest ERCP, when your bile or pancreatic ducts have become narrowed or blocked because of

  • Gallstones – that form in your gallbladder
  • Abnormality or blockages in Pancreas, Bile Duct and Gallbladder
  • Obstructive Jundice
  • Chronic Pancreatis

ERCP procedure, combines Endoscopy procedure and X-ray imaging. A Gastroenterologist can use this procedure to diagnose as well as to treat problems in the Pancreas and Bile ducts.

First, an endoscope is guided down the patient’s throat and into the stomach. Then, the doctor inserts a colored dye into the bile ducts so that they will appear on an x-ray image. The video footage taken by the camera. ERCP Doctor in Sabarmati, Gujarat. Gastro Physician Doctor in Ahmedabad.

The tip of the endoscope plays back on a computer monitor that the doctor watches to find abnormalities and the x-ray images can show blockages or narrowing of the bile ducts.

  • Sedation:- IV sedative is given along with General Anesthetic spray in the throat , after that Gastroenterologist perform the Endoscopy, while threading down the Endoscope with the attached camera for a video feed on computer.
  • Endoscopy:- Endoscopy is performed while threading down the endoscope with the camera attached to provide a video feed on the computer.
  • Catheterization & Contrast Dye- Your doctor will inject contrast dye into the papilla (connecting bile ducts and duodenum) to highlight the ducts on X-ray.
  • X-Ray- problem or unusual things as narrowed areas, scar tissue or blockages are noted.
  • Fluoroscopy- Many of the abnormalities can be treated during the procedure. A stent is placed into the duct or gallstones removed or dissolved during the procedure.
  • Recovery- Once the patient is conscious, he can leave for home and rest for the day.

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