Performed ERCP in rare case where liver hydatid cyst ruptured in bile duct leading to obstructive jaundice.

Encountered with unusual case. 35 year male patient presented with complaint of severe acidity and occasionally difficulty in swallowing(Dysphagia). He underwent upper GI endoscopy and his foodpipe(esophagus) shows multiple concentric rings termed trachealisation of esophagus. His biopsy from esophagus shows eosinophillic esophagitis. So it is rare disease with allergic component and can be managed by avoiding some food trigger like, egg, milk, seafood, peanuts, wheat, soy. Thanks Respected Dr Shabbir Gadi sir for patient

Gastro esophageal reflux disease ( GERD is common Gastro problem, which can be treated with acid reducing medicine. We performed new Endoscopic procedure ( GERD-X for those who wants to stop acid resdcing medicine ( Pantoprazole like or those who wants to prevemt complication of GERD.

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